Our Mission

Providing opportunities for the children of Arusha to increase their literacy skills – opening new doors for their futures. 

Read With Me, Arusha! is a non-profit organization with a vision of helping develop the literacy skills of children in Arusha, Tanzania encouraging them to do well in school and continue their education. We are supporting three organizations: St. Margaret’s Academy, Samaritan Village Orphanage, and Karim Children’s Care Centre Orphanage   St. Margaret’s Academy is preparing to create a computer lab at the school.  We will be helping with the purchase and maintenance of a solar power system to provide energy for these computers.  Computers and Internet access will also be supplied for the children to study their required Technology courses.   We will also help to provide quality children’s literature for both orphanages in the Arusha area.  Samaritan Village Orphanage has book shelves and a small collection of books for the 28 children living there.  We will help boost that library into a great place to enrich their studies and read for fun.  Karim Children’s Care Centre has a new bookshelf that we provided and some great books for the children to read.  We will continue to provide books for enjoyment and for supporting their studies.  All three of these organizations have children who are in need of sponsorships for school fees.  Sponsorships help pay for tuition, uniforms, school books, supplies, and transportation to and from school.  With sponsorships, these children are able to attend private schools so they can study in English, preparing them for a better education in secondary school.


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